Our Services

International Platform & Network

SIDRA provides an international platform for interactions and conversations between stakeholders and thought-leaders from the world over.

Being centred in the heart of the Asia, SIDRA is well-placed to serve as a venue where people interested in negotiation and dispute resolution can converge to exchange, explore and develop ideas on theory, practice and policy development.

The SIDRA community also doubles up as a network of experts that governments and businesses can tap on when faced with new developments and challenges in negotiation and dispute resolution.

Research & Development

Issues may require exposition and clarity, trends may require exploration, and challenges may beget the need for solutions and strategies.

SIDRA thus engages in research and development (R&D), in collaboration with local, regional and international academic and industry partners. SIDRA’s R&D initiatives range from research papers, academic publications and industry surveys to think tank events and research workshops. Focus is placed on generating actionable outcomes that are useful to those in practice and policy.

SIDRA’s location at the Singapore Management University provides it with ready access to a community of academics and researchers when it engages in R&D.

Training & Consultancy

SIDRA provides training and consultancy services to those seeking skills, strategies and systems in negotiation and dispute resolution.

Members of SIDRA’s international faculty facilitate programmes that are based on the latest practice-based research. These programmes, either public or private, are focused on the individual and cover a broad variety of topics. Some programmes lead to professional accreditation, which provides participants with formal recognition and certification of their skill-set while others are developed in collaboration with SIDRA’s partners.

Where solutions are required at a more “macro” level, SIDRA helps businesses and governments to design, develop and establish systemic frameworks for conflict management and dispute resolution.




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