In May of 2018, the Asian International Arbitration Centre (formerly known as the Kuala Lumpur Regional International Arbitration Centre) hosted its annual ADR Asia Week, an event which draws practitioners from around the region together to discuss the latest developments and trends in the ADR profession. SIDRA provided remarks at the Conference during a panel on holistic conflict resolution and dispute avoidance through a presentation entitled, “Holistic Conflict Resolution Through the Lens of Cultural Fluency.”

Delivered by SIDRA’ Consultant, Ms Janet Checkley, the presentation identified cultural fluency as one of the intangible but critical factors that dispute resolution providers must take into account when they work in international alternative dispute resolution. Ms Checkley highlighted three important disciplines for both individuals and institutions in order to develop a practice of cultural fluency in the services they provide to their clients: one, an awareness of embedded cultural values related to dispute resolution; two, anticipatory capacity of the embedded values of others; and three, navigational capacity – the ability to respond and adapt to variations in cultural backgrounds effectively during dispute resolution proceedings, from case intake to award or termination.