On 2-3 August 2018, SIDRA Academic Director Professor Nadja Alexander led a course at
SMU Executive Development on Strategic Conflict Resolution for Leaders. This two-day
workshop marks the first time that SIDRA has partnered directly with SMU ExD to provide
an independent course offering, following Professor Alexander’s contribution to SMU ExD’s
Future Ready Forum in March 2018.
Course participants in Strategic Conflict Resolution for Leaders learned advanced skills in
three foundational areas of conflict management in the executive-level workplace:
negotiation, conflict coaching, and mediation. The workshop provided participants with an
opportunity to test out conflict leadership skills on one another through roleplays and “real
life” conflict scenarios that commonly arise in the workplace, be it in small teams, in large
departments, or remotely-dispersed. Participants learned about how to overcome impasse
in negotiations or while mediating disputes, how to help others navigate conflictual
situations, and how to design systems of dispute settlement within their workplace to
better anticipate and manage conflict in the workplace.