SIDRA proudly launched its mediation accreditation course in April 2018 as a Registered Training Partner to the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). Through this partnership, SIDRA is qualified to train and assess mediator candidates for SIMI Level 1 Accreditation. As a partner to SIMI, SIDRA generates internationally-based, cross-culturally focused content for its training course, drawing on its expertise in cross-border transactions and dispute resolution.

Led by Professor Nadja Alexander and co-trainer Associate Professor Lum Kit Wye of the Singapore Polytechnic Institute, the course introduced the participants to the theory and practice of mediation over three days through a series of skill-building workshops, targeted practice sessions, and presentations about the phases of mediation. Following their introduction to the practice of mediation, participants spent two intensive days taking part in roleplays together, taking turns acting as the mediator between disputing parties from different cultural backgrounds and jurisdictions. The participants were joined during these two days by a group of highly experienced mediators with extensive backgrounds in facilitative mediation and international disputes. The coaches provided one-on-one feedback to each participant about his or her personal style, approach, techniques, and skills as they guided the fictional parties through mediating the dispute.

SIDRA looks forward to implementing future training programmes in partnership with SIMI, offering world class skill-building to future mediators in Singapore and around the world.