In March, SIDRA contributed to an exciting Research Forum hosted by the SMU School of Law titled “Expanding the Scope of Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice: The Use of Mediation Within the Court.” The Research Forum featured speakers from around the region and beyond, including experts from Australia, Thailand, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, London, and Dubai. SIDRA’s Academic Director, Professor Nadja Alexander, provided expert commentary on the changing complexion of access to justice through a presentation titled “Exploring the Forest and the Trees: The Mediation Eco-System and the Role of the Courts.” Nadja’s remarks explored the emergence of mediation as a product of public and private sectors intersecting, and how parties can access mediation through the courts (instead of simply accessing courts through mediation).

Other panellists and experts explored issues such as the court’s expanded role in dispute resolution, the complexities of mandatory mediation, the judicial perspective of mediation, and how to respond to changes in court-connected mediation proceedings from a practice perspective.