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    Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy

What We Do

SIDRA engages in research and development (R&D) projects and collaborations, conducts training and accreditation programmes, and organises think-tank and community events. SIDRA also provides consultancy services. SIDRA typically works with business executives, lawyers, mediators, government officials, judicial officers and trainers.

Fostering Ideas

The SIDRA community is the region’s venue for stakeholders from all over the world to meet and foster ideas in negotiation and dispute resolution.We believe that ideas and experiences should flow beyond the boundaries of different nations, cultures, industries, fields and disciplines. As a hub centred in the heart of the region, SIDRA brings together a diverse community of stakeholders, united in the common interest of exchanging and exploring ideas and experiences.

Generating Innovation

SIDRA generates innovation with its research and development (R&D) projects. We collaborate with local, regional and international academic and industry partners in R&D. Our collaborations provide the necessary synergies for shaping and enhancing principles, practice and policies for the future of negotiation and dispute resolution.

Sharing Insights

As a leader of change, SIDRA shares innovative insights and practices and empowers people to create value through its training and educational programmes and events. Our programmes and events are engaging and are tailored to meet our clients’ needs and preferences. We draw on the latest practice-based research and embrace the diverse perspectives of our regional and international participants.

Our voices, in conversation

SIDRA derives dynamism from diversity. Looking across disparate fields, we assemble the region’s and world’s finest in negotiation and dispute resolution to helm and facilitate our programmes and events.


SIDRA is now a Research Centre at the SMU School of Law. You can visit the new website at https://sidra.smu.edu.sg/.